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Everything you need to know about my care home violin work...

When I finished university in 2009, I was unsure what path I wanted to take with my music, and through a friend, I happened to 'fall in' to entertaining in

care homes around Sussex. This has led to private parties and functions, and also sessions at day centres, sheltered accommodation and lunch clubs.

I cannot believe I was lucky enough to end up discovering a career which I have absolutely loved for 10 years and I am so excited and happy to be able to continue my work within the care sector.

I generally play a mixture of classical, pop, folk, and musical theatre

as well as some well known singalong favourites. 

I am careful not to just play at people, but introduce my pieces with interesting facts or anecdotes, evoke happy memories where possible, and through dancing around and having fun, I have been able to get people on their feet, singing along, or even just waving their arms, meaning that my audiences can immerse themselves and have a great fun time too.



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A typical session would generally last either half an hour, 45 minutes or an hour, but longer sessions for special occasions are also available.

My prices and availability can be obtained upon request, so please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.





Please see my testimonials page for more comments...

Sarah is exceptionally talented violin player, our residents LOVE her.

Highly recommend for all bookings and she demonstrates a good understanding of working with different client groups of people whether they have special needs or dementia.

Keep up the excellent work!


Ann Marie Lovejoy Bruce Kerr - Hollywynd Care Home

I am the Activities Coordinator at Harmony House Nursing Home. I “inherited” Sarah from my predecessor and must admit to being reluctant to engage her as I thought that the violin was a somewhat restricting instrument and not “our sort of thing”.

However, I have completely changed my way of thinking.

Sarah sometimes plays to a group of residents in our lounge but recently she has accompanied me to the rooms of individual residents where she uncannily “picks up” the resident’s mood and seems to always play the right piece and very often plays particular requests.

As Activities Coordinator it brings me such delight to watch the residents responding

to Sarah’s playing, her lovely smile and her occasional jig.

Sarah is a delight and leaves most of our residents smiling and an occasional person sleeping peacefully following a beautiful relaxing melody.

If asked I would say that if, like me, you have preconceived ideas about the violin – forget them.

You and your residents will be pleasantly surprised!

Elaine Lambrechts – Harmony House Nursing Home

Sarah comes to us at Mill River Lodge once a month. She plays a variety of music from classical to popular. She is particularly good at introducing her pieces and plays her violin beautifully.


On occasions she has even come to individual residents rooms to play music relevant to the resident, giving them a “real lift” if they are unwell and unable to leave their room.


She has at times sung on request. She is lively and interacts well with all our residents.

Shirley and Alison - Mill River Lodge Care Home


“I hope you come again. It’s inspiring and it’s been great fun!” – Peggy and Pauline

“The Violin has a voice and it takes us with it” – Gwen

“A wonderful morning of music. I hope you have success.” – Zoe

“So pretty, so charming and so musical – we loved it!” – Liz

“I had a lovely time. I had a great time dancing.” – Margaret

“I enjoy all the songs you play and everybody loves it. If she goes to other places, they’ll enjoy it. She’s a very enjoyable Violinist, so please all of you have her to play.” – Fred

“I really really enjoyed that! I sat here on my own and I was absolutely drinking it all in!

I love music and I use to learn the Piano and a little bit of violin and this was lovely to listen to! Thank you!” - Joy

“I enjoyed it very much! People don’t realise classical, you can sing to,

dance to, and it fits everything!” - Peggy

“It was marvellous!” - John

“I enjoyed the whole lot!” - Alan


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